Friday, 20 May 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results Women's Title Match

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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results Women's Title Match

So Paige and Becky are now jobbers! Did someone say the women's division is improving! Ehm how??😂 Dana Brooks is a dope and nowhere on the level of Paige Becky Sasha Nattie etc.

So Paige beats Charlotte last week but cant handle Dana Brooke this week come on WWE, Dana Brooke should have been released along with Emma or kept on nxt forever, and yet Bayley still is on nxt which is way better and Aska get real, and that's my weekly wrestling rant.
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Someone needs to remind Paige for this to be your house you need to win now and then. Sounds just as stupid if not more then "BRIE MODE" lol. This is DA BOSS'S HOUSE!! You know that one female wrestler that's still UNDEFEATED since coming up to the main roster. You know someone that actually wins.

I don't like Dana Brooke. At all. She reminds me of Beth Phoenix, but without the good looks and pleasant personality. Beth is robust and feminine. Dana just turns me right off!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Will Rusev CRUSH Kalisto at Extreme Rules?

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Russev used to be dominant, then got fed to Cena, got into the worst WWE love storyline with Ziggler and went on to job for Reigns as part of the lads. So he can 'crush' kalisto and none would care. Checkout WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results

You guys are finally booking him like a monster again, so giving him the belt for the better part of a year to make him seem unbeatable will pay off huge for whoever winds up taking it off him

Santino: "Sometimes the fans should just enjoy the product, if you spend your time as a fan wishing it was something different you are not going to have a good experience. Roman Reigns is awesome - people are silly - he looks the part, he's a great human being, he's a locker room leader. There should be no reason people are booing him unless they jealous of his hair or something lol. He speaks up, he's an independent man, and he's a stud."

If WWE wasn't scripted, Rusev would have crushed Kalisto. But WWE might decide if Rusev should be a two-time US champion or Kalisto keeps the title for another month.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho Asylum match at WWE Extreme Rules

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Boy oh boy, now We know why announcer Jim Ross quit the WWE. The gimmicks and matches are getting bad. I thought Professional Wrestling was supposed to be Family, Teens, and Adults. A boy has time changed since 1985 first time I started watching wrestling WWF Saturday Night Live. Someone needs to write World Wrestling Entertainment.

Rated G General Audiences all ages admitted. Rated PG Parental Guidance Suggested some material may not be suitable for children, Rated PG 13 Parents Strongly Cautioned some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 years old, and Rated R Restricted under 17 years old requires accompanying parents or adult guardian.

If the WWE don’t want to follow these rules of 4 Rated, maybe it should be taking off air. WWE has changed so much in time. First was WrestleMania 2 Hulk Hogan vs King Kung Bundy in the Original Steel Cage, Hall of Fame Abdullah the Butcher was fired by Tag Team partner Cactus Jack, Sid Vicious putting opponents on Stretchers, the Undertaker putting opponents into a black body bag, Casket match, Barred Alive match god opponents were still breathing, and Boiler Room Brawl. Then tag team partners broke up on the barber shop, to be put through a glass window, then came the Ladder, Ladders, Chair oh my. If that wasn’t bad try get hit with a Bar Wire Bat, Chainsaw Charlie had an Electronic Chainsaw, throwing onto Thumb Takes, throwing 50 feet in the air crashing into an announcer table, Body Slammed backward onto Audio equipment, being drop on your head, dying because you hit the turnbuckle, being beaten with a Sledgehammer, or get ran over. I didn’t think they would come out something, until the brought Elimination Chamber, then the made a steal cage with bar wire, 2 wrestlers went there only one came out JBL VS. Big Show to win was called me, pin, stress, or submit owner's. 

I was but last night on Raw the Lunatic Ambrose challenged Jericho this Sunday first time ever, Asylum match at WWE Extreme Rules 2016. They need to bring back ECW with Paul Heyman.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

`WWE Extreme Rules 2016 - Roman Reigns Vs AJ Styles Results

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People now are just over-criticizing Roman Reigns. He does not deserve this much hate. He did an amazing match at Payback and last Raw. Rise For Roman Reigns he deserves it.
Superstar Roman is the best wrestler in WWE history and also a future hall of fame. The WWE Universe always supports him. 

People despise and hate Roman Reigns the character, not Leati Joseph Anoaʻi (his real name) who "plays" Roman Reigns. Many fans hate and loathe Roman Reigns because WWE is making him into the next John Cena. Meaning we the audience will just have Roman Reigns as a two-dimensional character similar to John Cena. (Aka John Cena 2.0) Then we have AJ Styles, who is a veteran, wrestled all over the world, and is known the world wide and appreciated because of his talent and in ring technical ability. 

See - Extreme Rules 2016 Results

Many "wrestling fans" don't appreciate Reigns because he doesn't represent the spirit of wrestling as AJ Styles does. WWE is just trying to create another "cash cow" who can generate profit. Besides WWE likes talent who looks good, has a good physique, because it is what they can profit off of. People see through that and don't appreciate it because it takes them for granted. That is why people hate Roman Reigns because he doesn't represent wrestling, he represents only profit.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results

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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 is an upcoming live pay per view (PPV) of WWE. WWE Extreme Rules 2016 fifth PPV of the year. Stay with us on 22 May we will provide here WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results live here as the show proceeds.

Fans have been saying that Roman Reigns is so boring to watch, but still they watched the main event. And you're going to tune in tomorrow for Raw. And you know you're going to watch him the next raw, and the next, and his main event match at Extreme Rules. And watch Raw again.

I purchased Payback - only because I was home from work sick ... OMG, what a waste of $30! Didn't mind not seeing the two prelim matches, felt sorry for poor Enzo (!) but the IC title match?? WTH!! Seriously!?Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho were as excellent as I expected and the WWE title match was fair - considering AJ needed two others to "help." And most of us totally called that Vince would have the kiddies share the running of the show. But what a waste of pay per view, though ... reminded me why I never buy them and am ok to catch up on WWE Raw.

At Extreme Rules, Have AJ and Roman Reigns in a Extreme Rules match for the WWE Championship. If it is, make sure the match is really Extreme like the attitude era for that one night. In fact, whatever matches planed for Extreme Rules, the matches need to be hardcore, not just single matches and only the Main Event is Extreme Rules.